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Ridgeback Guide Service was started in 2017 by Ron Harrington II in order to guide people on Overland adventures in the Northeast and demonstrate the recreational, historic and local-vore opportunities in New England. Our Mission is to provide our clients with a professional, safe, confidence building experience while showcasing the beauty and rustic charm that New England has to offer. We guide all around the Northeast, primarily in Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts.

A Mercedes G-Wagon splashing through trails on an off-road adventure in New England.
Guide, Ron Harrington's Land Rover Discovery being winched out of a deep hole on an off-road adventure in New England.
A Chevy Colorado climbs a dirt trail on an overlanding trip in New England.
Three friends sit around a campfire on the Trails and Trout overlanding adventure in New England.

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Our Partners are what drive the Adventure

"Ron is a real pro. His overland trips are perfect for beginners or seasoned off-Roaders alike."

- Chris Jones

Meet the Ridgeback Team

Ron Harrington II


Meet Ron, a seasoned Registered Maine Guide and a true outdoors enthusiast. With a deep love for adventure, Ron finds joy in activities such as camping, kayaking, fishing, and Overlanding. His exploration has taken him from the picturesque landscapes of New England to the rugged terrains of the western
United States and Canada.

Born and raised in the Green Mountain State, Ron takes immense pride in being a Vermonter. The diverse outdoor offerings and abundant Overlanding opportunities in Vermont have significantly shaped his adventurous spirit.

Ron’s passion for overland adventure travel is not only a personal pursuit but a commitment to sharing the thrill with others. He thrives on providing unforgettable off-road experiences, fostering a sense of connection with nature and exploration.

Beyond his personal adventures, Ron actively contributes to environmental conservation through his volunteer work with Tread Lightly! His involvement in cleanup projects along the East Coast reflects his dedication to keeping motorized vehicle recreation sustainable. In recognition of his efforts, Ron was honored as the Tread Lightly! Ambassador of the Year in 2022.

With an extensive knowledge of Northeast trails, scenic spots, and beautiful campsites, Ron is a valuable resource for those seeking to explore the region responsibly. His commitment to preserving the environment and sharing the joy of Overlanding makes him a true ambassador for both adventure travel and responsible motorized vehicle recreation and access.

Bethany Harrington


Meet Bethany, a true Vermonter with a deep-rooted love for her home state. Nature is her sanctuary, and she finds joy in various outdoor pursuits, including kayaking, camping, hiking, and spending quality playtime with her Rhodesian Ridgeback. Bethany’s adventurous spirit is most evident in her passion for
overland travel, where she thrives in the exploration of the great outdoors and cherishes the warmth of a campfire.

Bethany’s overland skills have been honed through extensive exploration of the Northeast, as well as journeys throughout the United States and Canada. Her commitment to the overland lifestyle was beautifully encapsulated in her ten-day honeymoon with Ron, where they embarked on an unforgettable camping and exploration journey through the North Maine Woods.

A proficient navigator and seasoned overland explorer, Bethany brings a unique blend of skills and enthusiasm to her outdoor pursuits. Her ability to navigate diverse terrains and create memorable overland experiences reflects her deep connection with nature and her adventurous spirit. Whether she’s mapping out a route or sharing stories around a campfire, Bethany embodies the essence of a true overland enthusiast.


Of the Woods

Introducing “Ranger,” our spirited Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy and the newest member of our overland family. At just 6 months old, he’s already proving himself as a fantastic adventure pup in training. Ranger fearlessly rides off-road in our guide vehicles, seamlessly navigating the rugged terrains that define our
overland journeys. His comfort in the woods is unmatched, making him an ideal camping companion who joyfully greets fellow overlanders with his friendly demeanor.

Despite his young age, Ranger is well on his way to becoming a seasoned adventure dog. His early exposure to responsible motorized recreation is evident in his participation in Tread Lightly! Projects, where he actively contributes to spreading awareness about environmentally conscious practices and improving trail access. Ranger has notched up several trail rides and embarked on a few multi-day
overland trips, showcasing his adaptability and enthusiasm for exploration.

As Ranger continues to grow, he will undergo training, learning, and further exploration across the Northeast and beyond. We anticipate that he will step into the paw prints and legacy left behind by his predecessor, embodying the spirit of responsible overlanding and creating lasting memories on the



Adventure Dog

July 2013 – May 2023

In loving memory of Tiberius, our cherished Rhodesian Ridgeback, who recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Originally hailing from South Carolina, he found his home in Vermont at the tender age of 8 weeks.

Tiberius, a paragon of regality, loyalty, and devotion, was a true adventurer at heart. His enthusiasm for outdoor escapades was unmatched; the mere sight of packed vehicles was enough to set his tail wagging. His majestic presence and unwavering loyalty left a lasting impression on all fortunate enough to have crossed paths with him.

An experienced adventure companion, Tiberius reveled in the joys of camping, trail running, and the comfort of a soft bed, not to mention his affinity for the delectable aroma of bacon. As aptly described by Lazz McKenzie, “He is a bit of a Diva.”

Throughout his life, Tiberius explored the scenic landscapes of the Northeast, traversing regions across the United States and Canada in his trusted Rover, affectionately named “Bumble Bee,” and his JKU, fondly known as “Goat Dozah.”

In our hearts, Tiberius will forever be remembered for his noble spirit, adventurous soul, and the joy he brought to all who shared in his company.