Trans Vermont Expedition (Green/Blue)

Event Date:

August 14, 2024

Event Time:

4:00 pm

Event Location:

Southern/Central Vermont

Embark on the Trans Vermont Expedition, a multi-day overland adventure from Wednesday, August 14th, 2024, at 4 pm, to Sunday, August 18th, 2024, at 12 noon. This expedition offers a unique opportunity to traverse Vermont’s Class IV backroads and immerse yourself in the wonders of the state.

This point-to-point overland journey will test your vehicle and setup as we travel from one end of Vermont to the other, navigating through Class IV roads and scenic backroads. Along the way, we’ll explore local attractions such as breweries, swimming holes, natural landmarks, country stores, and historical sites.

Camping in different spots each night, be prepared for three days and four nights of self-sufficient adventure travel. Fuel and provision stops will be made to replenish supplies and savor Vermont’s local offerings. Keep an eye out for unexpected delights, including maple creemee stops.

If you have any questions about vehicle requirements or other aspects of the expedition, feel free to reach out. Join us for an unforgettable journey through Vermont’s diverse landscapes and attractions on the Trans Vermont Expedition!

Date: Wednesday, August, 14 th , 2024 4pm- Sunday, 18 th , 2024, 12 noon

Location: Vermont

Trail Difficulty: Green/Blues ride

Required Equipment:

  • Camping gear (tents, cooking and whatever you need for staying in the woods
    overnight 4 nights)
  • Food and Provisions (you are responsible for your own meals)
  • 4X4 Overland Vehicle, street legal, insured, (with recovery gear, tools and spares)

Vehicle Requirements:

  • First Aid kit
  • Rock Sliders
  • Recovery points front and rear
  • 31-inch All or Mud terrain tires
  • Full-size spare
  • Tire deflator for airing down
  • Fire extinguisher.
  • GMRS radio Mounted unit or Handheld (Preferable both)
  • Please ask me if you have any questions about the Vehicle

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Event FAQs

Trail Rating Scale

BLUE: Blue level trails are for slightly modified vehicles and drivers who have been off road before. Vehicles will scrape and bang going on this level. Damage may happen depending on vehicle and how driver handles vehicle and terrain.

Vehicle Requirements

Blue Trail Rides (moderate difficulty) Minimum requirements: -4X4 Street legal vehicle with Insurance -31-inch tires All Terrain or Mud Terrain Tires (good tread condition) -Rock Sliders -Recovery points front and rear -Full size spare tire -Radio communications (we use GMRS) -Basic tool Kit for your vehicle -Tire deflator for airing down -First Aid Kit appropriately sized for your vehicle and passengers. -Appropriate Clothing and footwear for the conditions -Vehicle Recovery Equipment -Kinetic rope -Shackles (multiple) -Pulley block -Winch line extension -Gloves -A fun and exciting attitude -Fire extinguisher

Event Schedule Details

  • August 14, 2024 4:00 pm   -   August 18, 2024 12:00 pm
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